We are involved and successfully finished lots of different projects, some of them include:

  • Security infrastructure for online trading operations using ORACLE systems for Interbanking currency exchange (Belarus)
  • Security infrastructure and offline transfer system for interbanking exchange of Central Bank (Uzbekistan)
  • Automated system for official forms database (Belarus) together with Interbanking Currency Exchange
  • Security system (Data Verification Service) for online payments for Central Bank (Uzbekistan).
  • Extension of product portfolio by adding full support of PKI,
  • Development of TransCERT to enable PKI certificates infrastructure,
  • Development of TransCRYPT to support VPN,
  • Development of TransFILE to support file exchange using TFTP, FTP, FTAM (ISO 8571),

Today also our main focus is in investigating and developing solutions for cloud based use. Our main web portal for PKI solutions is a platform for all our systems which we build to allow much easier use of PKI software, and right now we can proudly present first cloud SaaS solution - Virtual Registration Authority, which you can purchase and start using in just few clicks.