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pkiStorage Free - Encrypted storage for your X.509 certificates and passwords

pkiStorage is an encrypted storage software for your passwords and X.509 certificates. pkiStorage has the following features:

  • encrypted storage of passwords, PINs and etc.
  • encrypted storage of X.509 certificates (including PFX, e.g. certificates with private keys)
  • support of autoregistration of X.509 certificates in Windows registry upon opening the storage and deregistration upon closing the storage. This allows you to keep all your certificates secure from Windows Registry and use them only when needed.
  • support of USB - pkiStorage automatically can find encrypted storage on any USB device when it is plugged in. And with combination of autoregistration of certificates you can have a mobile encrypted certificate storage.

pkiStorage version 1.0.2 x86 download link:
User Guide:
This free version has certain limitation. In corporate version it is possible to specify USB or USB key serial number thus a storage can be opened only on this selected device.

Please read the user guide. You can also find demo certificates in /certs folder. You can contact us for more information using our contact form or writing to us at: buypki Youtube channel. Here is the overview video:

pkiImage - Free image encryption software

pkiImage Free Edition is a first absolutely free image (.jpg, .png, .bmp and etc.) encryption software that is using X.509 certificates and can be integrated into PKI infrastructure. One of the main features is that pkiImage doesn't change image format, so your .jpg file stays .jpg, can be upload to sites like Flickr, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and etc.

Using this software you can:
- encrypt images for your friends and be sure that nobody except authorized users will see it
- decrypt images from your friends
- digitally sign images thus protecting your authorship of the image
- block export capabilities thus leaving only possibility for friends to view (and not to save) an image

This software operates only with X.509 certificates. You can find demo certificates in /certs folder. Please read Quick Start Guide to see how to run this software to verify it's functionality.

pkiImage and pkiNote are part of free tools available and you can download them from here:

Be sure to check video for starting pkiImage:

All demo certificates are in /certs folder and password to PFX files is: test.

pkiNote - Free text encryption

pkiNote Free Edition is a free software that can be used to encrypt and digitally sign text using X.509 certificates. You can then create secure abstracts in documents which will be encrypted, post encrypted web pages, create signed text in any page.

Small demostration is available on our Youtube channel:

x86 .exe installation:
User Guide:
Quick Guide:

Please be sure to read User Guide and specifically chapters about certificate installation. Online procedure how to install PFX (personal) certificates can be found here:

Send us your feedback using Contact Form.

GOST 28147-29 certification

Security & Communications Software has successfully passed the testing and received certification for encryption using GOST 28147-29. You can find all our certifications on our Certification page.

Our Youtube Channel

We have organized and created our Buypki Youtube channel. This channel contains different videos regarding our products and technologies.
Some of the videos include:

Check our new PKI portal

We have launched our new portal dedicated to PKI products and services - It contains detailed descriptions of PKI basic terms, such as registration authority, certificate authority, public and private keys and etc. to help you understand the terminology that is used in the world of public key infrastructure.

Moreover is built using three out of six platforms from our 6P technology:

  • Virtual Registration Authority - you can try yourself a demo version of Virtual Registration Authority
  • Certificate eCommerce Service - using you can also buy personal certificates separately
  • PKI Application Store - using you can purchase our software and also receive and manage your licenses thru account

Welcome to our new redesigned website!

Welcome to our new redesigned website!