We are experienced company in development various software which enable secure communications and information exchange for our customers in real time. We are specializing in security, cryptography, cloud based systems and platforms which allow customers to choose from variety of options to implement their desired infrastructure.


Software development is key area of our specialization, and most of the time our systems are key components in customer's infrastructure, that's why we spend lots of time to build fault-tolerant secure platforms, which are usually a basis for all customer operations.

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Sometimes it is not only enough to write a program which will do the desired operations, sometimes there is a need to build something fundamental in order to have a long-term evolution path for different operations and system infrastructure. We try our best to help customer to have a detailed picture about long-term evolution of their systems.

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User Support

After systems are finished and infrastructure is running it is very important that users are trained to use new platforms. We provide post-integration phase support including user trainings, lectures, practical studies and etc. This enables our customers to be fully ready to start their business.

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